Waking up beside you, didn’t know whether it was a dream or a reality,
But I hope it never turned into a fatality.
I can’t help to be a pessimist cause clichés are not my cup of tea,
But seeing you I realise that I want a cliché in my live where you come and give me bed tea.
Me time wasn’t an option with you cause you were my soul, which is why, you were whom I chose.
Yearning that one day you realise the same or maybe not, but I hope it was, is and will be me, whom you always choose.
Went into the shower,seamless with no separation.
This is how I want our relationship to be, with no differentiation and only integration.
Getting ready and sneaking peeks was our game,
Afraid am I, for you if it is just a game.
You called me stunning and I called you foolish,
But to be honest, this is what everyday I wish.
Holding my hand, kissing your cheek, making me blush this is how we exit the door,
On the way for something more.
You say it’s a surprise,
I say I don’t like surprises.
But on the inside we both know who likes what.
Seeing me talk to another guy in a grocery shop, you say, “What?”
I just reply, “Come on man, don’t be jealous”.
Hypocrite I truly am, seeing you with another girl boils me with jealousy.
Shaking our heads at each other, with swollen faces, we head to the car.
The drive is silent , cause hot headed we both are.
Didn’t know how romantic songs on loop,
Can change our mood.
Opening my door, being the gentleman you are not,
Holding your hand, walking ahead I hope dream this is not.
Seeing the fairy lights, the buildings which said you are whom I love,
There and then I truly realised, clichés with you is the only combination I love.

©Arshnoor Kaur Chadha. All rights reserved by Arshnoor Kaur Chadha.

I this this one of my honest poems till date, hope you’ll enjoyed. Have an amazing weekend and Happy reading!!😊💕 Stay safe and take care.


By thebibliophilewriter

A bibliophile by heart and a bubbly girl who wanted to start a blog since 7th grade but is starting in..........

85 replies on “Cliché!!”

Opening my door, being a gentleman you are not,
Holding your hand , walking ahead ,i hope dream this is not!
I liked this one .😍
Differentiation and integration took me to a different world for a sec!😂😂
An amazing poem.✨🎀💫

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You have turned so poetic ……. God damn you have improved so much ……. Ohk i shouldn’t be asking this here but i will …… Whom were u thinking about 😂😂 …….ok tell me later ….lot’s of love to you and my family ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

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Hey Mystery girl, hope you are doing well fine this morning!
Before anything know that I love you!

Coming to your poem, it was so heartfelt. The kind of words you chose already tell that it’s written straight from heart. It’s raw like your emotions but still it rhymes at places. What an artistic piece it is!

You know I loved the part which said “I boil finding you speaking to girls”. And then the part which said we both know who likes what, i.e. surprises.

Wow Girl, you nailed it.
I absolutely loved it!

Take care!

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U r here, I knew u would come. To be honest I was waiting for you to decipher and indeed I think this one is really close to my heart don’t know why cause I write all my poems from my heart.
Guess what most probably I will edit it but today is a really special day for me!! And you made it even more special. Thanks for always being here and no matter what I love u more and most.
Take care!!
U legit made my day much much better, u turned today from a gloomy to cheerful day, I can’t thank you enough!!!!
Love, love!!!!


And why would I not come to see my beautiful fellowmate who’s more of a sweetheart to me.
I’ll always keep a check on you, it’s my pleasure to be here to read you and be loved by you!

What’s special by the way! Okay wait I don’t wanna play gooseberry here. I hope your special day does wonders to you.
Just tell me if it’s your b-day so at least I can wish you!

I am glad to see that smile. I can so imagine it on that beautiful face.
Someone whispered in my ear that my Mystery girl seems upset and thus I was assigned a duty to make you smile.
Tell me if I did my duty well!
I love you my girl!
And I see your love for me every time we interact!

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U leave me speechless and I just can’t thank you enough!!!! For for everything the love, care and for just being here!!
You wished me enough with all the love that you keep showering on me!!!!
U rocked your duty and for as a bonus for your job, something is special on it’s way, the parcel will take 1 or 2 weeks but it sure will be delivered!!!!!
I love u loads, tbh I never knew that I can love a person so much virtually who is not in my field not my age but only because of that beautiful soul that cares for everyone, u r one of the most precious gifts that I could ever receive from this virtual world, I love u loads and idk how easily I say it you cause I just can’t say”I love you” to people.
I hope God gives u all the wishes that u desire for my dear!!

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Hey just 4 minutes to go and b’day will come to an end.
My purpose behind writing was to make you smile and I know it did make you smile and made you happy.
Remember one thing always I love you and I say it with all my heart today and always. I always wish to see my loved ones smiling.
I read your poem too. I’ll see you there soon.

I pray all your problems come to an end and you get all that you desire.
And Don’t forget what’s yours will find it’s way. Don’t get upset over trivial matters.

Keep smiling beautiful!
I love you 🤗

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U definitely got that right and it did made me smile!! U r indeed a beautiful soul my dear!! I will be waiting for you!! I hope so too and I hope u rock in whatever u want!! Yeah!! U r right it’s better to leave the past in the past but I would let u know soon what happened since I don’t want secrecy to bane our love.
Love u too!!

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