Known Unknown

Hello my lovely fellow bloggers. I hope you are doing well. In the last post I asked whether you’ll would like some tech stuff but now I feel it won’t go well with the theme of my blog. I have few articles written if I ever feel that now I can post I will definitely start that column as well but until then poetry be it I guess. Stay safe, take care and Happy Reading 😊💕.

A soothing feeling,

In the arms of the unknown.

Feeling rectified,

As by my known.

She stays calm,

Yet anxious inside.

A turmoil of emotions,

Boiling her mind.

Stuck between her heart and mind,

The battle seems endless,

Yet she wanted an end.

Sitting there she pauses the known,

Happy in the arms of the unknown.

©2020 Arshnoor Kaur Chadha. All rights reserved.


By thebibliophilewriter

A bibliophile by heart and a bubbly girl who wanted to start a blog since 7th grade but is starting in..........

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