Everything and Something

This poetry can be perceived for anything to anyone, it is just a writeup on my own feelings for something I truly want in my life. I hope you’ll enjoy.
P.S. Just a reminder to everyone out there, for anyone or anything that you are working so hard, try harder to give your best but don’t forget that nothing or no one can ever stop you to achieve your goals. Stay positive, work hard and leave the rest for the almighty(or the feeling you believe in). Hope you’ll enjoy this. Happy Reading πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

The feeling has been surreal,
In the mundane of the real.
I lie waiting for you,
In my thoughts, that I hope come true.
Feeling those emotions all over,
When you hold hands, as my rider.
Sitting in the corner,
My fingers go forever.
In the hope of perfecting EVERYTHING,
For with you just to have SOMETHING.
Day in, Day out,
I think about you, even when my hand is over my mouth.
Each surpassing emotion, feels surreal,
For I want you to be mine for real.

Stay safe and take care. Lots of warm wishes for each one of you.

Β©2020 Arshnoor Kaur Chadha. All rights reserved.


By thebibliophilewriter

A bibliophile by heart and a bubbly girl who wanted to start a blog since 7th grade but is starting in..........

17 replies on “Everything and Something”

Significance; to a certain extent. I’m a content person actually. Love, family is my everything. Right now if I am struggling to step out of my comfort zone.. it’s for a search within me… finding my purpose 😬

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