You made me wait,
Amongst the bars of the gate.
I gave you me,
But you left me in the sea.
For me, as water as it was clear,
But for you, I felt the ocean was still unclear.
You made me cry, you made me doubt,
You made me hung, and you made me shout.
But still, amongst the oceans deep and down,
You wanted me to moan.
I loved you, you had your doubts,
I waited, screamed, to clear it, I shout.
Let me in, amongst the deepest dives,
For me, I want you for life.

©2020 Arshnoor Kaur Chadha. All rights reserved.


By thebibliophilewriter

A bibliophile by heart and a bubbly girl who wanted to start a blog since 7th grade but is starting in..........

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