Leibster Award 1 and 2

Hello my fellow bloggers!! These has been in my drafted folder for so long and I decided why not post these now.

I am honoured to announce that I have been nominated by Dear Kitty and Anushka. These both are awesome blogs I am very grateful to have been nominated.



1. There is much life yet to experience.
2. I believe if you reveal your wishes they don’t come true.
3. I had a pet parrot back in 2nd grade but I really like rabbits.
4. My go to food is Maggi but I really like Dal chawal with khate aloo(pulses and rice with potatoes) and I love CHEESE.
5. Why 1? I would love to meet all of them.
6.How can I tell that, it is upto a person to decide that.
7. I don’t know in literal sense but in metamorphic meaning it is time management and procrastination.
8. It is a part of wishlist and as I said I don’t like revealing my wishes so I am not gonna reveal this one.

And my questions remain the same cause I am lazy and nominations are open to all, it would be a pleasure if you’ll accept it.

Happy reading!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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