Six Word Story #5

This is in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’. The prompt for this week is TIME.

1. GMT, EST didn’t change their bond.

2. This TIME, it wasn’t about you.

3. Daily regime:- Running out of TIME.

4. The TIME difference, ate their relationship. / The TIME difference, are them up.

5. Leaving you for eternity of TIME./ Holding onto you till infinite TIME.

6. Happiness was, when she entered T.I.M.E. (p.s. It is an institution)

© 2020 Arshnoor Kaur Chadha. All rights reserved.


By thebibliophilewriter

A bibliophile by heart and a bubbly girl who wanted to start a blog since 7th grade but is starting in..........

86 replies on “Six Word Story #5”

I am so astonished to find you here, tbh I was scrolling all your work and reading them thinking when will A post again, it’s been so long, are you good!?

I am so glad you are here and you enjoyed them, I agree about the last one, heard about in television a lot and it suddenly popped up so why not use it.

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Hey Arshnoor, it was pleasure reading you here.
Thank you for getting onto my blog. I am doing all well, hope you’re good and safe.

Keep positing, budding blogger. You have fans.. I am one of them!!

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Beautiful quotes, this TIME all are favorites😋 last three quotes are💙.
I think post with or without pics depends on the author however I have solution to your can simply write quotes on the pics too rest everything looks beautiful as you write beautiful.
Have a splendid week ahead!😇

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That is a wonderful way 😂😂
Thanks a lot!!!!
I agree that would be an awesome idea but I think most people prefer without images because it is easy to read. But I truly appreciate your input. Thanks a lot!!!!
U too!! Have an awesome and superb day ahead!!!!😇😇💕💕😊😊✨✨

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Not all posts are meant to have pictures, in my opinion.
Sometimes, the content determines that need or not.
At other times, the writer’s preferences and discretion come into play.
What I have done often is when a post or an article is really brief (like a haiku) I tend to make it richer to drive home the content by including a picture or pictures.
At other times, when the content is of grave importance I limit the photos to none or just a couple so that the photos do not shroud that important message.
I hope this helps.

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